Beginning our 20th year of LINK, we have nearly 600 students that have taken part. That adds up to alot of graduates and now, hundreds of adults who have gone on to make their way in the world. We hope that LINK was a positive part of their path. 

We're fortunate to still know many who we've had the honor of mentoring. If you are one of the ones we haven't spoken to in a while, we'd love to get back in touch. Please contact Laura Marks, our administrator at, to add your name to our Alumni list. Here are a few of the many:

Amy Chung, 2013:: Healthcare Analytic Consultant, Milliman

Jordan Nicholson, 2010 :: Photographer

Erin Wallace, 2005 :: Artist / Lion Tamer/ Starbucks Design Team

Zach Anderson, 2003 :: Musician /

Virginia Hungate-Hawk, 2003 :: Artist / Teacher, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Stadium High School

Chelsea Wong, 2003:: Artist / Force of Nature

Jeannette Bath, 2000 :: Artist/Martial and otherwise / BonVivant

Joseph Peha, 2000 :: Web and Visual Media Strategist, City of Seattle