Laura Marks

Marks is Alaskan-born and was raised in the shadows of cedar, spruce and hemlock; running across docks, jumping cross-logs, swimming all summer in the bay, ice skating on the same frozen over bay in winter, having a seal and a great blue heron for pets and living free-range in the ancient rain forests of the Tongass National Forest all had a strong impact.  Narrative and sense of place are at the root of her art practices.  She considers her own artmaking an exercise in making sense of life as much as a retelling of the lore of her family and her own youth.  Laura holds BFA's from Cornish in both painting and printmaking and supported herself through college and beyond with floral design.  Color theory from her first year of college got her that first floral design job... 


painter, printmaker, floral designer, teacher and mom
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

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