Stan Shaw

Stan Shaw  Illustrates for clients all over the country. Projects range from editorial to animation

Stan Shaw is known as a comic book artist. This is only partially true do to the fact that he has to buy groceries once in a while. Most of his time is spent on editorial illustration (covers, features and spot illustrations), advertising, animation (flash assets, backgrounds, character designs), and storyboards.

Client list includes: The Village Voice, Esquire, Slate, Starbucks, The Seattle Mariners, Nintendo, Rhino Records, Microsoft, R.E.I. , B.E.T. , P.O.V. , DC Comics, Duncan Yo Yo,, Wizards of The Coast, Amazing Stories, Vibe, The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Willamette Week, Hasbro, Washington Mutual, Lucas Film Licensing, Mad, Metro Pulse, Premiere, Penguin Books, Harcourt Brace, and the Washington Post Sunday Magazine.  

Stan enjoys sharing his passion for art. He has taught illustration at Cornish School of the Arts, School of Visual Concepts, Pacific Lutheran University, and Evergreen State College. He has been a guest instructor and conducted workshops at Tacoma Art Museum, Charles Wright Academy, Seattle Public Library, AIGA Design Camp, local elementary schools and done several LINKS workshops, sponsored by Seattle AIGA.

Stan was part of a group of artists advising on “Exploring Illustration” by Michael Fleishman, an in-depth guide to the art and techniques of contemporary illustration. He is currently advising on Michael Fleishman’s upcoming “Visual Artist At Work” series.
Stan Shaw's work appeared in How, CA, Print, and “Covers and Jackets.” by Steven Heller.

He can be reached by,, and, or 253-756-7303.

Date Joined: 
Monday, September 15, 2014