DSLR Portraiture

Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 9:00am to 12:30pm
Cornish College of the Arts
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DSLR Portraiture with former Link student Jordan Nicholson.  



Project Description

In this project, students will explore the ways in which portrait photography can be used to capture the personality, emotion, story, or essence of a person. The goal will be for students to have real interactions with other people, and then to create body of work based on those experiences. In this project, you will be learning about different elements to consider when creating an effective image.



Students will first pair up with each other. You will spend some time sharing your story and getting to know each other.  Pairs will then take turns photographing each other. The aim will be to capture some aspect of the other person’s story or personality.


Next, students will venture out into the area surrounding Cornish. Walk around and find someone you think might have an interesting story to tell. Approach them, tell them you are students, and then get to know them a little bit. With their permission, take a few photographs that you feel capture the things you have just learned about them. Be conscious of lighting, composition, body language, and environment as these will all influence how your image ultimately impacts a viewer!


Finally, we will reconvene at Cornish for a group critique. Each person will talk about the photos of their partner they took, and then about the people they encountered outside.




A computer to compile images onto


Workshop description TBA.