How Students Benefit

How does a student benefit from being a part of the LINK Program? There are many ways. The more tangible include:

  • New artistic experiences and techniques
  • Meeting and being inspired by successful professional artists
  • For Seniors, a free portfolio workshop to prepare your work for viewing by colleges and/or employers
  • When possible, an opportunity to apply for senior scholarships for college 
  • The less tangible include:
  • Free food and beverage every workshop!
  • Expanded horizons 
  • New friends 
  • Mentors galore
  • A place where you can come back and mentor and inspire young people in the future. 

Currently, four of the volunteers who lend their time and goodness to LINK are former LINK students. And they're amazing. They found enough in LINK that they wanted to come back and be a part of it. Got questions? Please contact us at: