Fearless Drawing

02.20.2021 10:00 am

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We all know drawing is at the core of so many creative activities. And even though our brains are actually wired to succeed at it, why do many of us lack confidence? Drawing, it turns out, is much more of a "mindset" than a "skill". Unfortunately, most of us judge our skill first, and never deal with the mindset, so we never really get started, or skillful. This workshop is designed to tackle that conundrum.

Bruce Morser, will define, then open “the mindset” with several activities, and then guide us in drawing, but not quite like you think. No experience necessary — honest.

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leading this workshop

Bruce Morser

Guest Artist

Internationally recognized Freelance Artist, Illustrator and Educator

Joseph Peha

Workshop Coordinator

Online & Visual Media Strategist, Seattle City Council

Megan Ingalls

AIGA LINK Program Director

Arts & Design Administrator

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